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Why rentville?

Rentville Nigeria Limited is a real estate company providing innovative solutions to alleviate the challenges in the property rental market in Nigeria.
Rentville employs financial eligibility and innovative occupancy management to improve the lives of renters and guarantee steady rental income for property owners.

We are big on innovating the property rental market for the future by rebuilding from the stakeholder’s point of view.

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our motivation

Renting a house or an office is a big financial challenge for most Nigerians. Nigerians have to pay yearly upfront rental payments which substantially depletes their purchasing power.

With the inflation trend rising, experts are foreseeing an increase in goods and services especially house rent within major cities.
Property owners are not exempted: they are faced with the high cost of acquiring lands, and building houses, and struggle with the extended time of vacant rental units, all of which negates the steady return on their investments. The worst is the tenant’s inability to pay rent when due.

No doubt, a few stakeholders and the government are working hard to solve this problem however, the challenges persist.
Rentville Nigeria tackles the headaches of renting and property occupancy in a new and audacious way. Rentville enables renters to pay their rent by setting automatic recurring payments and provides property owners with a guarantee for their rental income.

This enables renters to pay their house rents with ease and property owners to rent their property faster and securely.

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Meet the team

We are set of visionary real estate experts committed to providing innovative solutions in the rental market for Nigerians to rent with ease.

Founder / CEO

Solomon Aghahowa


Oliver Ogbar

Compliance Officer


Property Management Officer

Solomon Aghahowa

Client Relationship Officer

Solomon Aghahowa



Rentville enables renters to pay their rent by setting automatic recurring monthly payments and provides landlords with a rent guarantee. This enables renters to pay their rents with ease and landlords to rent their vacant spaces faster and securely.

Rentville will require you to pay a Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) before you can move into the apartment. There is also a one-time administrative fee.

Apply at www.rentvillenigeria.com and submit relevant documents to get started. It takes a few clicks and we verify within 72 hours.

Rentville gives the most competitive rates for acquiring a monthly occupancy rental apartment in Nigeria. Use the calculator to see what your refundable security deposit and monthly payments (EMI) will be.

Enter a regular 1-year rent? 500k

Your Refundable SD is = 187,500

Your EMI sb= 62,500

Administrative Fees apply

Rentville ensures it takes 72 hours to approve an application once all vital information and documentation are submitted

Rentville has lots of quality apartments and houses on our listing. If you can’t find an apartment, rentville, and its network will find a suitable apartment for you in the shortest of time.

No, Rentville only covers fees associated with renting.

Rentville will notify you 90 days before the expiration of the rent for tenancy renewal or termination.

Rentville collects and processes data from your bank app securely to make eligibility decisions. This data is necessary for us to approve your apartment in real time without asking you for plenty of paperwork.

why rentville?

We leverage technology for financial eligibility and occupancy management to transform every aspect of the rental process to empower both renters and landlords every step of the way.